The data function serves as a crucial component within the system, playing a pivotal role in the execution of various data operations. Leveraging this function, developers can seamlessly interact with and manipulate data stored in the backend, facilitating tasks such as retrieving, inserting, updating, or deleting records within designated data collections.


import { createBackendFunction, data } from "";
import { ObjectId } from 'mongodb';

export default createBackendFunction(async function (id) {
    try {
        const itemCollection = data('mongoDbCollectionName');

        // Pass the MongoDB collection name as an argument to the data function,
        // allowing you to retrieve the corresponding data collection.
        const itemsDetails = await itemCollection.findOne({
            _id: new ObjectId(id)

        return itemsDetails;
    } catch (error) {
        throw new Error(`Network error`);

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