The useParams function in React lets you effortlessly get and use parameters from the current URL, acting like a magic key to unlock dynamic aspects of your application's URLs.

Functionality Overview:

This utility retrieves parameters specified in your route paths, identified by values following colons (":") in route declarations. It returns an object with keys representing parameter names and values reflecting actual URL values. Streamlining dynamic content handling, it empowers you to seamlessly display diverse content, fetch data, or regulate functionalities based on the current URL.

Here's an example:

Imagine you have a route "/products/:id." In your ProductDetails component, leveraging useParams is as simple as:

import { useParams } from '';

function ProductDetails() {
    const { id } = useParams();
    const product = getProductById(id); // Fetch product based on id param

    // Render product details using the `product` object
    return (
            <h1>Product Details for ID: {id}</h1>
            {/* ... Display product information fetched using the id ... */}

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